Sociology Of Education Marxist Analysis

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Sociology of Education C.A.
Discuss the Functionalist and Marxist approaches to education. Essays should make some reference to the Irish education system. When looking at functionalism, Marxism and their views on education, it is important to first have a better understanding of what education looks like and what it is. Of course there are many different interpretations and idealisations of what education is or what it should be, but many people might see education as something you can gain in an institution such as a school or college. Education can be knowledge we gain and the things we learn about various different subjects. This is looking at education in its simplest, purest form, but as we look more in to it, especially from
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Giddens and P.W. Sutton 2010) This is when members abide by values and norms that are set by their society and they feel a sense of loyalty to them, "They wish for it what they would wish for themselves, they care that it should be lasting and prosperous, because without it a whole area of their psychological life would fail to function smoothly. Conversely, society insists upon its citizens displaying all these basic resemblances because it is a condition for its own cohesion." ( A.Giddens and P.W. Sutton 2010) Education contributes to this as children learn hot to behave and what the expected behavior from them is at a young age. They learn about their society 's religious beliefs, how to behave with other children and cultural values all while in school. If we look at Ireland especially in the past we can definitely see the religious influence within the education system. The majority of educational institutions were run by the Catholic church in the Republic of Ireland, because of this they could groom the children in a way, to be catholic and teach them how catholic people should behave, how to pray, what to pray, about the different saints. Through this they were…show more content…
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