Biopsychology Functionalism

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Biopsychology is a branch of psychology that focus primarily on the bodily changes of human conduct. All that is psychological is first physiological. All thoughts,feelings and conduct utimately have a biological rationale. Neuroscientists believe that the human mind can have an impact on many forms of behavior in particular our emotions. Our mind is a psychological state that involves three components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, an expressive response. Paul Broca suggested that human emotion is a “passion of short duration.’’ Fear is an example of emotion that is generated by means of the brain circuit which is caused by particular sets of stimuli.


The present paper analyzes the use of Biopsychology
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Functionalist perspective define the emotion of fear in terms of being caused by particular patterns of threat-related stimuli and in turn causing distinctive sample of adaptive behaviors to prevent or cope with that danger. Robert C. Bolles (1970) developed the theory ‘Species-Specific Defence Reaction (SSDR). The theory propunded that there are three forms of SSDr’S:flight,fight (pseudo-aggression) or freeze. According to Bolles (1970) intrinsic information from within, such as increased heart rate is more crucial than the external stimuli - the environment.Threat is what elicits fear. In line with functional perspective, it's the response to the hazard itself (i.e unconditioned stimulus: UCS) that directly affects survival. Parallel to the associative tradition, a functioanl perspective on Pavlovian conditioning also has been developed (Domjan et al. 2000; Hollis 1982, 1997). The practical standpoint is influenced by means of the fact that Pavlovian conditioning has been demonstrated in a vast variety of species and response systems (Turkkan 1989). Dr. Bolles believed that SSDR is conditioned through Pavlovian conditioning. Bolles(1970) theory confirms my reasoning on fear of elevators. My inbuilt or intrinsic fears helps to assure my
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