Functionalist Theory Of Mass Media

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We live in the world where we rely on media for everything. Hence, media has a great power to influence our opinions and perspectives. Mass media is a type of communication that is intended to reach a large audience. This incorporates TV, radio, advertising, movies, the Internet, newspaper, magazines, etc. TV and radio are considered telecast media while newspapers, magazines and diaries are known as print media and web news, the web media. The media is a paramount wellspring of data through its news sections, entertainment and considers exchange of thoughts, suggestions and observations. Sociologists have developed three basic theoretical points of view: the symbolic interactionist perspective, the functionalist perspective, and the conflict…show more content…
As an enforcer of social norms, reaffirm legitimate conduct by demonstrating what happens to individuals who damage societal expectations. As a conferral of status, the mass media give status on individuals, associations, and open issues. Surveillance of the social environment refers to the gathering and transmission of data concerning incidents in the social environment. The media makes the term narcotizing dysfunction to allude to the circumstance whereby the media give such gigantic measures of data that the audiences get to be numb and for the most part neglects to follow up on the data, paying little mind to how convincing the issue. Some people may take in the data, yet they may settle on no choices or make no move. Conflict theory refers to the media reflect and worsen a heavy portion of the divisions of our general public and world, including those focused around sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and social class. The media has the ability to decide what needs to be shown through gatekeeping. Gatekeeping is how the information is filtered through checkpoints before it reaches the audience. Conflict theorists contend that the broad communications serve to keep up the benefits of specific groups. Additionally, while securing their interests, dominant groups may restrict the representation of others in the media. The term overwhelming dominant ideology…show more content…
In this way, the media assumes a paramount part in our lives, as we can 't imagine an existence without the day-by-day reporting of national, local and worldwide news. It would be similar to coming back to the Stone Ages. Then again, audiences have to make sure if the news reported in the media is correct and not biased by analyzing its substance seriously and voicing their perspectives on specific issues. The owner of the television networks has the power to control the media. Some media organizations have concentrated on expanding economic control over all parts of the production process to boost benefits. Conflict theory is applied in how the media control the information. Ownership of mass media is highly focused in the hands of a little number of individuals and is exceedingly profitable for them. In this manner, the mass media are a source of monetary imbalance. Aside from the profit gained by the owner, the broadcast of Raffi and Nagita wedding gives impact on society. Their luxury wedding creates jealousy between high - class people and low class people. Conflict theorist creates the basic principles of capitalism – private enterprise, profit, the free market and the rights of property ownership – dominate media content and are presented as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’. There is actually little choice for audiences in that there is no radical alternative to the mainstream newspapers

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