Functions Of Children's Literature

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According to Molina S.Nijhar, the book Hadijah Rahmat children 's literature includes all kinds of creative and imaginative writing is devoted to reading, entertainment and guest children. In general, children 's literature includes the entire book quality and beneficial written for children 's reading covering fiction and non-fiction. Children 's literature has its own functions and roles. Therefore it seems appropriate to search the function and role of children 's literature with a clear and thorough.

Function of children 's literature is common and most of the same functions as a literary genre is functioning as entertainment material. This is because the material is read by a child can open their hearts. For example funnies. After reading or listening to tales of a child would laugh and be happy because the humor inherent in the funnies. Therefore function as a tool for entertainment and there is a fixed function in every literary genre is no exception also children 's literature.

Children 's literature also serves as an educational tool and teaching. This is because in every story there is a children 's literature and educational elements of good teaching for the development of a child 's mind. By Eleanor Estes in Hadijah Rahmat books, children 's books which are books that can baikk,

"Causing a child laugh or cry make it feel several emotions, cause it feels like to come out to correct the evils of the world, to achieve something noble; trigger
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