Functions Of Education

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Basic Social Institutions: Education and Religion
This lesson discusses two basic social institutions: education and religion that could influence us tremendously.

At the end of the lesson, you should be able to
1. Explain the meaning of education and religion in your own words
2. Discuss the function of education in society
3. Describe the influence of religion to the society

Education Education is a very essential social institution because it is where you and I are prepared for adult life. Education enables us to learn values, enhance or knowledge and refine our skills for our future. Functions of Education Education has these purposes:
1. Social Purpose: Education socializes children into their various roles, behaviors and values of society. 2. Economic purpose prepares students for their later occupational roles, to select, train and allocate individuals into the division of labor.
When we talk of schooling, it is our formal education which involves instruction by specially trained teachers who follow officially organized policies.

Schools have manifest functions or functions that are intended:
1. social control
2. placement of socialization
3. transmitting culture
4. promoting social
5. political integration and as an agent of change. Schools have latent functions or functions or functions that are not intended
1. Restricting activities mean that the schools aside from the instruction time of 6-8 hours still extends other activities like sports
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