Functions Of English Language

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What are the main functions of the language? We could say that the language does not have a main purpose, but it has many uses as communication, asking, taking permission. Generally, the language is used for many purposes and in many forms. Everyone we interact with needs a special way to interact with. For example, the way we talk to our friends in the school or the college differs from the way we talk with our colleague in the work or even our manager or the one who has the authority in specific institution. As there are many forms for the language, every form has a specific use there is a formal language to use in work, but it is so hard to keep it professional all the time we must have a sense of humor in order not to be too formal. As we are studying this cases about the English language so we can talk about English language as a second language for the people who are learning it as a second language. English became so famous do it used as a contact language or lingua franca between two groups of people who don’t share the same mother tongue for a definite purpose. English as a language used in daily conversation, interaction in workplace and even it is used as Lingua Franca.

First, language is an important thing in our daily life; especially in work it needs some extra effort in order to be decent enough. When we talk in work we use conversational endings such as “thank you” or “thanks for your time” and you always
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