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Introduction Families are the most basic social unit upon which society is built. In modern day society, for the majority of us it is fair to say that family is the first thing we learn about when we are young, and continue to learn about and expand as we become older. In this essay I will discuss the definition of family and the problems associated with defining the term ‘family’ or ‘families’. I will weigh in on how different sociological traditions view family in terms of its roles and functions, and I will also consider the problems that can occur within the Kellogg’s family type. Defining Family/ies The term ‘family’ is quite a complex term to define “as it can vary so much both within societies and across cultures”. (Punch et al. 2013,…show more content…
The family plays numerous different roles in society and has various different functions. “For most people, the core attributes of self are formed within the family, for that is where children first acquire a strong sense of identity and personal significance or insignificance.” (Nash and Calonico 1993 p.53) According to Nash and Calonico, family is a clear example of “the ‘primary group’ and is, therefore, an important agent of socialisation.” (Nash and Calonico 1993…show more content…
We can see this as across many different cultures and societies different definitions of family exist. Also, as I mentioned earlier the family has the function of giving us a place in society, from the very beginning it defines a big part of who we are in society. It is also fair to say that there is more than meets the eye when we think of the term family. The most common image of family is the Kellogg’s family type, and that’s what most people imagine when they think of ‘family’. However as I have discussed in this essay there are many more types of families than the nuclear family, and everyone’s own personal definition of ‘family’ may be different. Another aspect I addressed in my essay was how different sociological traditions viewed family in terms of its roles and functions. I looked at the different roles and functions that family has in society, for example your family has a part in defining your place in society, it is the cause of the reproduction of life, it is an agent of socialisation and it is also seen as a unit of consumption in society. Finally, I addressed the problems encountered when we focus on the Kellogg’s family type. I discussed how the idea of the nuclear family is unrealistic and how it doesn’t take the negative aspects of family life into

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