Functions Of Nonverbal Communication

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5. Functions of non verbal communication
5.1 Providing inforamation
The very important and basic of any type of communication is giving information. All the form of nonverbal communications likes appearance and behaviour of person can give direct idea and impression to someone.(10) This cues can give someone chance to survive in many situations through out the life. Interpretation of nonverbal cues can be improve and get better by exprience. But generally people can intrepet and give an accurate judgement just by looking to person’s behaviour.(11)

5.2 Expressing intimacy
Person’s nonverbal behaviour can show the attachment and feeling toward another individual.Touching and mutual gaze will be higher in level in parent towards their children.(10) Low involvement of nonverbal behavior is one of the expression that people are dislike each other. But at the end, there will a be period where we are not interested to let our nonverbal behaviour reflect how think and feel about other people in our life.(12) Individual nonverbal cues can easily be read and interpret by a close one and this showing nonverbal level can show closeness and strength of the bond between people.(13)

5.3 Managing impression
Nonverbal communication is the best in showing the impression as people will change their behavior and appearance in order to achive a standard or establish a good image and an identity.(10) People will start to think about what is dress code that they need to wear, the way they walk

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