World War Two: The Versailles Peace Settlement

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GE1401 Argumentative essay Title: Fundamental cause of World War Two: The Versailles Peace Settlement Name: Chan Hau Yan, Erica SID: 55219930 Instructor: Mr. John Mc Colgan Chan Hau Yan, Erica 55219930 Fundamental cause of World War Two: The Versailles Peace Settlement The Second World War, a global war which lasted for 6-year, it brought massive destruction and casualties to the world. Although it was already decades ago, its damages: hatred between ethnic groups, issue of comfort woman, physical, psychological and environmental damage still remain nowadays. Obviously, Hitler was key person in starting the war, he actively invaded European states and declared war. Nevertheless, Hitler could…show more content…
Refer to the terms of the Versailles Treaty, Germany had to pay heavy reparation, £6,600 million, as the compensation for the victorious powers; suffered from territorial loss, for example, Alsace-Lorraine and Memel was given to France and Lithuania respectively, West Prussia and Posen were ceded to Poland; disarmament, such as German army could only contain 100,000 soldiers, only six battleships were allowed in the navy, and she could not send troops to Rhineland; accepted the war-guilt clause. Furthermore, the union of Germany and Austria was banned by the allies, many Germans were put under foreign control such as Austria and Polish Corridor, their national self-determination was taken away. Great humiliation and resentment aroused among Germans, this led to strong desire for revenge. Moreover, the treaty discredited the Weimar Republic which was the democratic government in Germany, they longed for a new leader to bring them national glory. All these provided a favorable environment for the rise of Hitler and Nazism, he made use of people’s discontent and promised to restore the greatness of Germany. This shows the reason why Hitler could rise to power and get support expeditiously. The treaty imposed harsh punishment on Germany which gave a good excuse for Hitler to start WWII, allowed him to pursued his massive invasion…show more content…
It led to the establishment of new states, many new nations formed under the principle of national self-determination, such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. As they were too weak to defend themselves and surrounded by the big powers, they became the target of the aggressors, hence upset the balance of power in Europe. At the same time, the major European powers, Britain and France, were greatly weakened after the WWI. The failure of promoting international cooperation, slowed down their economic recovery, as a result, a power vacuum was created, no power could maintain the world peace, hence this encouraged the ambition of the aggressors, further pushed the world toward the outbreak of

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