Human Body System Research Paper

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A human body built in with various types of cells. Fundamental unit of life in a human body is cell. A matured human body is made up trillion of cells and depend on body environment to live and function. Cells, tissues and organs perform a different function in the body. To maintain a constant internal environment for well being, individual cells of the body required three important component oxygen, nutrients and removal of waste. Process in the body controls its internal environment is called homeostasis. This process is essential for the human body to survive. According to Oxford Dictionary, homeostasis defines as the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium state between interdependent elements especially as maintained by a physiological…show more content…
Human body made of a combination system which able to work throughout the body and maintain a range of the body function where required cells to function. All the body system works together to maintain body function, but various systems such as nervous, digestive and endocrine systems have specific roles in homeostasis. It is related to homeostasis and actions coordinated by the hypothalamus. It is a process where the body takes part to keep the internal environment of the body at equilibrium state where can detect the changes in the external or internal environment of body. Hormones work in the body to regulate the activity of body cells where it relates to homeostasis as the presence allows the effective function of hormone in the body. The mechanism depends on action and interaction of several systems of the body. Factors that affect the ability body to work efficiently include temperature, acidity or concentration of nutrient. This allows bodies to operate efficiently without any harm being caused in the body. Therefore the presence of homeostasis in the body is highly necessary and…show more content…
In the regulation of blood pressure baroreceptor is the receptors and the medulla oblongata is the control centre while cardiovascular system is the effectors in the regulation blood pressure. When heart rate increase in a human body, more blood will pump into the arteries and will result in increasing in the blood pressure. This event detects by baroreceptors in the arteries wall and receptors will send impulses to the control centre known as medulla oblongata. Medulla oblongata will interpret the message and send the message to the effectors in body cardiovascular system. Thus it will slow the pulse and decrease the blood
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