Fundamentalism In The 1920s Essay

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Old practices became a thing of the past with the fast-paced city drawing people into a new life. This worried religious people, hoping that their attendees wouldn’t leave them. Many felt alienated from city life and modernization. This led to direct conflicts against the teaching of science and evolution in schools. This can be seen through the Scopes Trial fiasco of 1925, where fundamentalisms tried putting a teacher in Tennessee behind bars for teaching such things. People drove their cars to town rather than the church down the road. Although, fundamentalism did have some success in the city. Los Angeles’s Church of the Four-Square Gospel, created by Aimee McPherson, sat more than 5,000 worshipers. Even still, the upsurge in fundamentalism was cased by the fear of losing attendance and faithful patrons, creating church communities that were stronger than ever. 2. The increasing popularity of the automobile changed the social and economic future of America by giving them a means a new affordable form of transportation. Ford had revolutionized the automobile industry in 19th century with his incorporation of the assembly line, putting a $490 price tag on his Model T in 1914. By the twenties, over 8 million people…show more content…
The economic revolution of the 1920’s differed from the 19th century for one huge reason - techonology. Iron, steel, and such resources were harnessed in a way unlike ever before. This led to the building of railroads, automobiles, and such great feats of machinery. With the power of steam, the use of oil, as well as electricity, production became not only more efficient, but faster. The industrial process was broken into minutes and parts, harnessing the full potential of the assembly line. Production per hour-worker increased over 75 percent over the decade, with the same amount of people producing almost twice as many goods. The 19th century lacked the prowess of machinery that the 20’s learned to harness, which led them to greater
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