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Fundus Camera Reticle Setup (Mydriatic) An often overlooked and critical step in obtaining sharp images is to set your reticle. The reticle is the adjustable viewfinder crosshairs and is unique to each operator’s eye visual acuity. To adjust, place a white piece of paper in front of the camera (alternatively, you can use the camera lens cap on), raise the illumination light to highest and while looking through the viewfinder, turn the eyepiece clockwise and counter-clockwise until crosshairs are sharpest. You are now setup. Fundus Photography (FP) To begin, it is standard to start all Fundus photography with the right eye (OD) followed by the left eye (OS). COLOR: With the macula centered (also referred to “Field 2” or “Posterior Pole”)…show more content…
Explain guaranteed side effects: Yellow, bright-fluorescent urine (lasting ~48 hours typical) Orange, jaunced-like skin tone (lasting ~6 hours) Explain potential uncomfortable and, in very rare cases, life-threatening side effects nausea, vomiting and syncope. light to severe allergy (<1%) w/ rash or hives. Explain to the patient there are typically no dietary or other restrictions after the procedure. Unless otherwise advised by physician, eating, drinking, exercising and medications may be continued as normal afterwards. Allow the patient to ask questions. If unsure about the answer, it is okay to confirm with the physician. Have the patient sign Fluorescein Angiography Procedure Consent Form. As the physician begins to inject the dye, the patient may feel apprehensive. Advising the patient that they may feel “cold or even slight stinging sensation” at injection site as normal, tends to provide the patient assurance and comfort. Initial Setup: Put on a new set of clean gloves Confirm all filters and settings are ready in “FA” mode Excuse yourself with your patient as you step out to grab their…show more content…
Once prepared, the dye has enough concentration for two (2) separate patients. Be sure to advise the physician of extra dose available. ICG contains iodine. Take special notes if the patients declares an allergy and defer to the physician. ICG requires additional preparation and precautions: (1) mixing the dye and (2) if combination ICG/FA, two consents forms that patients must agree and sign. The ICG product is a set of a powdered vial and and sterile aqueous solution. Using a 5ml syringe and large needle (18g, pink), draw 5ml from sterile water vial. Insert syringe into ICG powered vial making sure 5ml water contents are carefully distributed in. Take this step slow as the pressure may expel contents out from the rubber topper puncture site. Draw the contents to mix. To fully mix, you may re-insert and re-draw the solution in a back and forth manner. Some bubbles may form with this technique which settle in a short amount of time. Now that it’s mixed, draw 5ml ICG solution, remove preparation needle and secure butterfly infusion needle. [ ** add ICG/FA cocktail instructions **] Physician-specific EMR upload

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