Funeral Earth Short Story

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Introduction: This essay critically analyses a short story in the new century of South African short stories selected and introduced by Michael Chapman. The purpose of this essay is to critically examine and analyze the short story Funeral Earth that was written by Herman Charles Bosman. In order to identify the literary techniques employed by the writer it would be necessary to look at the historical era in which the writer is referring to. In particular, the main focus of this essay will look at certain factors and beliefs: life versus death; as well as the representation of two different cultural and racial groups; the blend of reportage; and the distinctive language approaches and literary outcomes of the writer. In addition, the essay will also focus on the meaning of the title, viewpoint, structure, tone and irony. Main Body: Michel Chapmen’s anthology (part two) includes the era of colonial to modern stories (1800s-1970). Herman Charles Bosman was a schoolteacher in Groot Marico district of the Northern Cape frontier in the 1920’s (Lewald, 2010). Funeral Earth is narrated by Oom Schalk Lourens, whom is portrayed by being a rough Afrikaner and poorly educated. (Lewald, 2010) suggests that this story tells a vindictive trek by a Boer commando against defiant black tribesmen in the late 1800s with focus on the meaning of life versus death and reference to the realization of futility during the war between the “Boers” and the “Mtosas”, focusing on the area where
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