Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Funnel-Like Mindset

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Funnel-Like Mindset Based on the LSP, I am typical in openness. This is seen as a weakness as it can be referred to having a funnel-like mindset. Even though a funnel effectively transfers items, its limited capacity causes leakage. Ideas and information are rejected due to the limited capacity of my openness. In order to seek rewarding benefits of thinking out of the box, there has to be more allowance for new ideas. Being typical in openness restricts one’s curiosity and imagination. Using the SCAMPER tool, the funnel-like mindset can be modified to be more effective by expanding the bottleneck to increase allowance of openness. With the increase in capacity, I will be able to be more accepting towards alternative ways of thinking, which…show more content…
At times when students feel restricted, they can relate it back to the high elements course to open up their minds and switch the direction they are thinking in. This would greatly help in OB assignments like creative thinking whereby students will be able to diverge their thinking and expand their minds. Pragmatist Mindset My second weakness is that I lack intrinsic motivation due to having a pragmatist mindset that is an important individual motivation factor in organisations. As a pragmatist, I approach learning with a mindset that in turn hinders me from embracing learning as a lifestyle. A pragmatist is an extrinsic approach to learning in which the learner is practical and realistic as they are task and technique-oriented. Furthermore, as a pragmatist, I am keen on trying out ideas, theories and techniques to see if they work in real life. As a result, information is not comprehended in a vertical, step-by-step logical way. This affect’s one’s ability to demonstrate how various theoretical frameworks and concepts can be applied to real life without an actual hands-on…show more content…
This can be done not only through group assignments, but also through exercises such as group sharing. Based on Dale’s Cone of Experience, it was seen that a student learns 90% when they teach someone else (Dale, 1969). Speech exercises allow students to speak up and teach their fellow peers. In consideration of the limited seminar timeslots, a simple exercise of sharing can be done whereby within each group, each member has to share their opinions and learning takeaways for one minute. This encourages participation and interaction to learn about one another’s views and opinions within groups. As everyone has to participate, it improves the group dynamics. Learning Environment Based on the LSP, I prefer a specific learning environment. In order for studying to be conducive and effective, I have to be in a certain stimulated environment. Being able to identify where one is able to work best in can be used to one’s advantage, as the person can transform any environment into an effective teaching and learning environment catered best to their needs. Some students prefer sitting in a group setting whereas others prefer sitting alone. The design and layout of the classrooms are an integral part of stimulating a student’s learning productiveness. A classroom whereby a student sit on individual seats encourages independence in learning whereby a circular

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