Funniest Moments In Marine Corps History

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One of the funniest Moments in Marine Corps History It all started before I was born, I come from an extensive line of United States Marines. The story goes my father was a Marine, and his father was a Marine and so on and so forth. Well, it was like destiny that I, myself become a marine when I was old enough to join the Marine Corps. Wait a minute hold on, before I get ahead of myself let me provide a little bit more back story. My father joined the Marine Corps many years before I even came across his and my mother’s minds. My father fought in desert storm and desert shield, back when President Clinton was in office. Well, a few years after my brother John was born I came along. Now, fast forward a bit, all my life growing up I longed to take the same sacred oath that my father did and protect my family and my freedom by…show more content…
Our platoon was down range in the prone position sighting in on targets 300 yards away. When one of my fellow recruits whose name will not be mentioned, pointed his weapon at one of the instructors when he was asking why his M16 A2 jammed. I was two targets to the right of him, and I just happened to look over at the right time. As soon as the unnamed marine aimed his weapon at the instructor, I heard a gut-wrenching growl of yell that rattled eardrums within 5 meters. Moments later out of nowhere like 10 other instructors come charging down the line like bulls in a stampede. Raining down the most intimidating verbal fire I have ever seen. The unnamed Marines afternoon was spent sighting in on an empty barrel screaming “I will not aim my rifle at friendly units, Bang, Bang, Sir I killed my Battle Buddy” repeatedly. It wasn’t until our platoon was leaving the range did the instructor finally tell the marine to stop, and join formation once again. That day was the only time I had ever seen someone so mentally and physically drained in my
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