Funny And Loyal Characters In The Movie Grown Ups

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In order to appeal to many people, great movies should have funny and loyal characters. The movie Grown Ups shows that because it is about five guys that have been bestfriends since their youth. The main character Lenny is played by Adam Sandler and some other people like Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider also have roles in the movie, and who doesn 't think any of those guys are funny. One examples is when they take the character played by David Spade; put him in tractor tire and roll him down a big hill. Additionally, in the movie Pitch Perfect, Beca goes to college and her dad really wants her to join a club or sport, so she decides to join the Barden Bellas. The Bellas may have some ups and downs, but they manage to stay together and win the acapella championship. Throughout the movie, the group of girls show many instances where they disagree on something, but through all the arguing they still keep the group together because they realize how much each one means to them. Another movie that has funny and loyal characters is The Fast and The Furious. In this movie, a group of family-friends try to commit crimes and race cars without getting caught or killed, but in the middle of all of it they let an outsider into the group without knowing he is a cop. The group of family- friends come to many disagreements about him and end up not trusting one another. Even thought all this goes on, they still come together as one and stay that loyal group of

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