Funny Face Film Analysis

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Funny Face (1957) directed by Stanley Donen and The Devil Wears Prada (2006) directed by David Frankell, are two films staring young women who are propelled into the world of a fashion and undergo a personal and physical transformation. When Jo is hired as a fashion model at Quality Magazine (Audrey Hepburn) and Andy as a fashion assistant at Runway Magazine (Anne Hathaway), both characters experience similar situations; visiting the fashion capital (Paris), developing a romantic love interest, being dressed in designer clothing (Chanel and Givenchy), experiencing the excitement and intrigue of glamour. Although both films have many striking parallels, Funny Face creates a stronger relationship with the audience because of the Donen’s directional…show more content…
In the beginning Jo’s is dressed in a heavy, brown smock and is located in a heavily wooded dark-lit bookstore, reflecting the characters state of mind a lonely repressed, individual, Jo sings, solemnly, in the ballad ‘How Long Has It Been Going On? , “I was taught that I ought not expose my inner senses. Had no plan for man; I was full of self-defences.” She is burdened literally by (books and by her heaviness of her thoughts). After Maggie’s team leaves the bookstore, Jo play’s with a colourful orange and green hat, the prop, signifies the start of Jo’s journey into becoming her true self. After her arrival in Paris, Jo wears a lighter beige trench coat, and in Duval’s showroom ( a tailored pink and white dress), in the fashion montage she wears colourful jewel toned dresses, a reflection of her confidence. The dresses exude personality and refinement, similar to Jo’s character. In the final ending scene with Jo and Fred, sailing down the river, Jo wears a bridal type white dress- presumably signifying the intention and innocence, purity of a future bride. In conclusion, Funny Face triumphs over Devil Wears Prada as a fashion film because of it’s ability to captivate an audience and bring them into a different world, the execution of a creative vision by the use of technology, a strong female lead, artistic collaboration and
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