Funny In Farsi Summary

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I find the memoir Funny in Farsi very funny and insightful. In summary of pages 36-81 Firoozeh moves to Newport beach not to far from the Mexican border. At school a nurse think she is Alaskan. She moved to Berkeley California and was asked questions about the CIA and politics because she is Iranian. Firoozeh goes to camp and her father buys her discount clothes. She wouldn’t take a shower at camp because of fear of the mean girls seeing her there was no privacy. The family takes a trip to Las Vegas and Firoozeh father disappeared for hours gambling, however her family enjoyed the all you can eat buffet. The next year her family vacationed in Hawaii. Firoozeh tells her parts she wants to add an American name. Firoozeh chose Julie. Her family…show more content…
For example Firoozeh, states, “When i went to college, I eventually went back to using my real name. All was well until I graduated and started looking for a job…..After three months of rejections, I added “Julie” to my resume. Call it a coincidence, but the job offers started coming in. Perhaps it’s the same kind of coincidence that keeps African Americans from getting cabs in New York.” I can truly relate to this quote. People say that everything is not race related. However, when you are highly educated and get no job offers it makes you wonder why aren’t you getting any interviews. I do not think it’s a coincidence that Firoozeh received interview calls after putting julie on her resume. The American society likes to see America name’s it makes them feel more comfortable. Another example of discrimination is when she goes to the doctor’s office and the receptionist calls out her name wrong multiple times. The receptionist could care less how Firoozeh feels about it. This reminded me of when Maya was called a different name by the white lady she worked for in ‘I know why the caged bird sings.” Names are a part of people’s identity and it is disrespectful to call someone another name that suits
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