Fur Trapper In The 1800's: Film Analysis

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The Life of a Fur Trapper In The 1800’s
The Revenant film is based on the story of fur trapper Hugh Glass (DiCaprio). The story begins when Glass and his coworkers are raided by the natives who owned the land at the time. Before the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark, the Immigrates (Americans) that lived in the east coast had not explored toward Central America which was owned by the French. That is when fur trapping became a job. The job was created for two reasons- become familiar with the territory, kills animals, find pathways to water sources, and pretend to be allies with the natives. Glass is later mauled by a bear and her cub which makes him incapable of surviving on his own because of his injures. John Fitzgerald (John Hardy) one
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The Rated R drama/adventure film directed by Alejandro Iñàrritu and produced by the following companies: Regency Enterprises, RatPac Entertainment, and New Regency Pictures. The two minute and twenty-five second film illustrates the fact that every individual needs to survive on their own and trust no one. The trailer is composed of important scenes and the viewer gets a short understanding of the tone and color. The Revenant is not a comedy film, so don’t expect to laugh. John Fitzgerald starring Mad Max leading character Tom Hardy introduces the character as the antagonist. Based on the trailer, we notice Fitzgerald is always on alert…show more content…
The trappers are shooting back at them. Although if you look closely, the trappers are on the strength side of the frame which is the right and the natives are on the weak side which is the left side. Which side is the real dominant? The simplest form I can explain is this, have you ever been in a situation where two people want two people want to fight and they say back in forth “You better walk away”, “don’t mess with me”, “If you come closer, I will hurt you.” The irony in that situation is that in reality both persons do not want to fight, but if they show some sort of weakness, then they have lots the fight already. Just like the fighting analogy, we get that perspective in this (0:59). This being a film of survival I concluded with a sorrowful tone. I do not see many people smiling, but I got more of a war/drama film impression. The trailer leaves an important event that is shown in the movie, which is the scene where Fitzgerald stabs Glasses son in front of him. Other than the fact that the natives are trying to kill them, this particular scene and the use of cool colors is what formed the expedition of Glass healing himself and staying alive to take vengeance. In conclusion, if you are a person likes action movies and would like to experience survival

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