Argumentative Essay: The Bloody Price For Fur

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Bloody Price for Fur Envision living in solitary confinement for your entire life, in barbaric conditions, with no living necessities. Unexpectedly, ripped from your enclosure, beaten near to death, and excruciatingly skinned alive. Your body is then tossed into a pile, like a piece of garbage, with others who have grieved the same fate. Although this scenario sounds like a scene from a horror film, it’s a casualty and occurs daily. Statistics have proven that millions of animals are tortured and brutally murdered for their very own fur. The fur trade is a heartless business that is cruel, unnecessary, and bad for the environment. Popular stereotypes have been created about individuals living luxurious lives, that they are to be precise about what they wear. Hollywood films, fancy magazines, and commercials endorse the idea that wealthy people should wear luxurious furs and materials made from natural leather. People wear fur and leather worldwide; however wealthy people contribute to a vast majority of…show more content…
( it also affects the conditions in which they are raised, and keeping them on so-called fur farms is cruel). The closest comparison would be to the meat farms; fur animals purposely born and die on these hells on earth. Some of these innocent animals may have never left their cages; such conditions harm animals not only physically, but psychologically as well as–in particular they suffer from stress and nervousness. Up to eighty animals can be killed per fur coat depending on size; could you imagine how many animals are being tortured through inappropriate living conditions every day? This is not right and something must be done! These animals they are being critically killed through electrocution or neck-breaking–in aid of preventing any damage to their skins and fur therefore impacted our natural environment and causing some species to become

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