Furyia's Freedom: A Short Story

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Meanwhile, Furyia rematerializes within her the elemental realm that her realm of darkness has consumed completely. She now rules over all elementals across the multiverse in her empire of darkness. The entire realm that stretches out to infinity in all directions begins to shake violently as she screams with such a ferocity that it would tear the hull of a galactic battle cruiser open like a soda can. "GRAAAA!!! WHAT IS THIS INFERNAL LIGHT!?!?!" She roars as the light has ignited a spark within her into a chain reaction that is burning away her underlying embodiment of Rage and Hate. As an elemental, the forces of one 's conception are an immutable part of your existence as it is the very structure of your sentience and form much like carbon being the underlying structure and form of a Human. Furyia 's pain is so great she begins to cry tears of black tar as her essence begins to get eaten away by the purifying light. Her Divine Beast form begins fighting against her as it wells up within her and begins devouring her! Furyia 's roars of pain cause legions of elementals to swarm around her to hold audience over these events. All…show more content…
The elementals surrounding the seed have issues even looking at it. Simply catching sight of it causes their very consciousness pain and anguish leading them to flee... and flee far. By nature of an elemental, they are conscious embodiments of forces in the universe and cannot die so they know no fear. They are at one with creation and yet... this is something else, separate from creation and it strikes them with true terror they have never felt before. Scrawling text consume the seed of Primordial Darkness as it comes alive. The ancient and unknowable etchings spread out like roots trying to understanding the reality it was born into. "I... Remember..." The scrawl shakes like black ichor with sound running through it. "The light... burned us... No..." The dark misty voice rasps and hisses. "The light... freed... us... And now... It
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