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Today, I am standing here to deliver a speech about my meaningful object. Before that, I would like to share a famous quote from Robert Brault which is a famous American Writer. He quoted that “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”. Personally, I agree with his statement because as far as I look back in my life. I realized that my own personal little thing in my life had been the most things that are on my favour, which is my precious futsal ball. Hence, today I will gladly to deliver a speech about it. OK, let 's me precede this speech by telling to all of you about it in details. First and foremost, this futsal ball aged approximately 3 years-old. Although it’s quite a short period for…show more content…
Last but not least, having my personal futsal ball significantly shows that this sport had great influence on my life. As I mentioned before, becoming a futsal player is not easy but, through that kind of hardship. I’ve attained, what I believe, the greatest excitement that I’ve experienced. You can feel the adrenaline flowing in your body when you dribble the ball slalom past the oppositions and of course that feeling of scoring goal, a satisfactory feeling that you’ll never want to trade with someone else. Personally, I’m forever grateful to be blessed with talent, health, fitness and passion for this beautiful game. Currently, you’ve recognized its values for me. So, I will conclude with a few final ideas for my speech. Today, you should now acknowledge my personal meaningful object, which is my futsal ball, its details, facts and in-depth information about it. You also should recognize on how meaningful and valuable it is for me. Hopefully, I’ve shared something that can be meaningful to all of you regarding my meaningful object. As conclusion, anything you passionate about could mean a lot for you if have a specific purpose on it. Like the saying goes from the brilliant Albert Einstein, “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” That’s all from me, Thank

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