Future Career And Career Goals For My Future

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My future is not set in stone because not everything goes according to the plan you create, so when we talk about future career, I aprroach this with a very open mind with an optimistical appraoch. I hope to have a career which will allow me to access my imagination and give me oppurtunies to breathe life into them and develop my skills. Learning is something thats endless and there is always something to learn, and I want to be around people from whom I can learn something. But the most important thing is that I should be comfortable and happy. If I 'm not happy with what Im doing, then I cant produce good results. However, time is another issue, I don 't want to be stuck with one specifc career for a long period of time. I want to pursue a career in a lot of fields such as photography, computers, architecture, fashion, music etc etc. This program will allow me to grow and mature and understand the potiental I have and will give me an overview on how I can utilize it to get beneficial results. It will allow me to understand on where my interests really lie. Through this program, I can broaden my communication which will allow me access to loads of people who can advise me and help me learn and develop mentally and broaden my mindset thus, helping me reach my career goal. I hope to land a career in the field of computers; more specifically, the creative side of computers. Graphics, digital art, website development, etc etc. There is so much noise in our brains, so many

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