Essay On Future Career Goals

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Purpose Paper Everyone attends college or university with a different purpose, whether is to pursue personal, academic, or future career goals. Some people have big dreams, set goals, and take action; but, other people have small dreams, and take no action at all. My purpose in life is to make a mistake, and reevaluate myself while learning from my mistake in order to be successful. To be healthy, graduate from UCF with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and work as a Crime Scene Investigator will be part of my personal, educational and future career goals. To begin with, my personal purpose is to be healthy in every way. Being healthy is possessing or enjoying good health and vigorous mentality. Having a healthy life for me is important because my ancestors had/have health problems, and…show more content…
Also, my academic goal is to graduate from UCF with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. The reason I want to accomplish this goal is because my family believes in my dreams, they want me to succeed, and that motivates me; to achieve this goal I have to put a lot of effort and intention on all my courses to end with good grades for the next two years I am doing at Valencia College. In fact, my results show that I have the need to educate myself and what better example than graduating from a University with a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Money might be one of my biggest fears when talking about my academic goal because I don’t have the money to pay my studies at UCF; however, there are some other ways to pay my studies. For example, student loans and scholarships can help me pay my master’s degree in Criminal Justice. In conclusion, I want to work as a Crime Scene Investigator. Working with social problems, knowing the purpose of things, and helping people is my passion. My mom influenced me with her late night shows, like, “Law and Order” and “Dexter”; so, I started watching them as well and know I feel really interested in being a
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