Future Challenges Of Health Care Management

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Future Challenges for Health Care Management
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According to Covert (2014), health care management refers to the application of clinical information, information technology, managerial, and leadership qualities to achieve optimal delivery of services to different stakeholder. The present-day health care system experiences many challenges ranging from staff shortages to increasing numbers of uninsured persons. A few decades ago, policy makers in the industry predicted that many elderly persons, new technologies, physician surplus, restructured care benefits, and increasing costs would affect health care delivery (Brandeau, Sainfort, & Pierskalla, 2004).
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(2004), the main future concern in health care management is the rising cost of health services. The total spending on health care has been rising since 1980s. In 2012, the total cost of health services accounted for 17.7 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Despite the introduction of managed care practices, rising costs has become a difficult factor to restrain. For instance, the proposed spending limits under the Clinton administration, Medicare, and Medicaid failed to cap the total spending in health care industry (Brandeau et al., 2004). Therefore, the future of health care costs looks bleak. Public and private health facilities will ask members of the public to pay additional insurance and care costs from their…show more content…
Continued research and development has led to the discovery of better and effective technologies and drugs that can solve many health challenges. However, the main concern for health care managers is the cost of acquiring and installing these technologies as well as the pace at which technology becomes obsolete (Brandeau et al., 2004). Hospitals must install new technologies and use new drugs to remain competitive and offer quality services to clients. In practice, committing huge funds to new technologies and drugs has the impact of limiting the funds available for other operations and needs such as payment for staff, expansion, and research. Therefore, this is a serious future challenge because present day hospitals are already cash strapped yet they will require expensive technologies in the future.
Challenges in the health industry continue evolving from time to time. Today, the health industry experiences challenges such as physician shortages, huge costs of operations, and many uninsured patients among others. In the future, new challenges will emerge and affect the health system in different ways. Some of the future concerns in health care management include the ever-increasing costs of health care, unprecedented growth in the population of senior citizens, and expensive new

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