Future Education Research Paper

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My respectable future is slowing sneaking up on me and I have to be prepared. I have strived for satisfactory grades and an abundant of community service hours to do so. The career path that I have chosen for myself is Forensic Anthropology, which has always fascinated me. This career is obviously not easy to achieve, but I believe with the right determination and work/study ethic, I can potentially flourish in my future education. I plan to attend community college for two years, and then move on to a 4 year university to work on my degree.

My future education may be long and difficult, but something that will be all worth it in the end. I will probably strive for my masters or possibly more. It all depends on what the future holds. This a scary thought if you really think about it, but taking the right steps, such as college will improve my odds tremendously. Working hard and staying on task may be a struggle at times, I must remember to push forward to achieve my goals and not to give up so easily. Maintaining satisfactory grades will be another must in my case, showing impressive work will only help me in the long run.
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I have taken honors/ dual classes in algebra II, biology, pre-cal, american history, english, and geometry. These classes have of course shown to be quite difficult at times, but I stayed determined and finished the course proud in the end. I have learned that by taking these challenging courses has helped me push myself even more, enough to understand balance. I know when something becomes too much, and when I should step back and evaluate where I am in that situation. This will help me in the future with other important times in my future
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