Future Essay: It Is Impossible To Know The Future

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It is Impossible to Know the Future A lot of things can happen in five years. Some of them we just can't control, that's why I like to make plans of things that mostly depends on me. In five years I hope to be in college or maybe had finished college and created my own business. I'll like to study Economics, statistics or engineering. Where, I think that's asking too much. I'll like to be in the United States, Spain or England. I like these countries because they have the best universities in the world, are some of the most important countries in the world, have great food( except England) and a nice culture. Also, I'm Spanish and I think it would be a nice experience to study there. I have many interests right now, soccer, tennis, golf, reading, Netflix. But I don't believe all of these interests may serve for me in the future, like…show more content…
The main goal I have in mind at this moment is to become a zero handicap golfer before I turn seventeen, my other goal is to get in a good college. To achieve my first goal I'm going to start practicing more and be more focused. Probably I'm going to practice Wednesday, Friday and at the weekends. Each practice must take at least a couple hours. I don't need to hit the further or better, to play a lower score you need to stop failing shots, and when failing, being able to make an up and down. Going to a good college would increase my probabilities of having a good job after graduating. The best thing would be to go to an American or English college or university, if it isn't t possible I will probably study at Spain. These goals are going to be really important to my five years plan. If I reach my first goal, it is going to help me to get in a college because colleges are interested in students that practice sports, so you can give them something.In case I reach my second goal I'll already be in college so my five years plan would be
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