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For my future career I would like to be a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). A Marriage and Family Therapist are mental health professionals who are licensed and train to help families with mental, physical, and emotional problems dealing with marriage and family. There job is to help clients identify problems in a marriage or family and try to help fix the problem. Marriage and Family Therapist also help them to learn new ways of coping with problems and communicating so that they can express their feelings in a healthy manner.

To become a Marriage and Family therapist you must have a high school diploma or equivalent . After High School, I plan on furthering my education at Florida State University and get a bachelor's degree or significant coursework in psychology, sociology, or social work because in order to be a Family and Marriage therapist you must have a master's degree to work in marriage and family therapy field. While in college complete an internship and have a experienced therapist supervises your work. Internship may last up to one to two years. When all of the requirement to becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist are done you must pass a state licensing exam. This will lead you into the workforce of being a licensed Marriage and
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I know how it feels to think that there is no one to talk to or afraid to talk to someone because it is a possibility that my problems won't stay just between the two of us. I love to help people and help them understand that their are not alone. Sometimes they just need to learn to do the small thing to fix their problems like how to communicate, listen, and come to an agreement . For me I had to learn how to admit my wrongs and stop blaming others and learn to accept and move on. I also think that I am a supportive, empathetic, and intuitive towards all people and their
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