Future Guardian Research Paper

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How Does Learning About Government and Our America Help You Become a Future Guardian of the Liberties of Our Country? By: Kazia Ohayon Everybody has somebody that they look up to and aspire to be like someday. Being a guardian means watching over and protecting something that you strongly care about. Throughout life, there are many different people that could be considered a guardian. There are some in everyday life, such as a parent or teacher. There are also some on a larger scale, such as a soldier or police officer. Lastly, there are some that protect other things like liberty and religion. Each of these play a different role in the lives of everybody, but every guardian is as important as the other. Learning about these important people…show more content…
If people are unaware of their rights, they could get cheated out of something important. Being aware makes you a guardian over your own rights. Sometimes, it’s not for the bigger picture, it is on a smaller scale and looking at things for yourself. It is important to know what your propriety, so that you can do what is morally correct for yourself, others, and the nation. Lastly, knowing the society could help you prosper at being a guardian to your children, friends, and neighbors. Most often, the most important things are the people that we are closest to. You must be aware of your society to get a home and job to provide for your loved ones. It would be difficult to get the necessities and desires without a well paying career and a roof to live under. In conclusion, being a guardian could be on a larger scale or a smaller scale. However, no matter what each and every guardian in our nation plays a role in our lives. Learning about government and our America helps us to become a future guardian by helping us recognize the successes and failure of our nation, making it easier for us to protect our constitutional rights, and helping us prosper at being a guardian to our children, friends, and
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