Future Healthcare Leaders Case Study

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Reflection Journal on the Ethical Responsibility of Healthcare Leaders.

1. As a healthcare leader, what are the appropriate steps to take if you need help on a project?

As a healthcare leader, the appropriate steps to take if I need help on a project are:
a. Learn to recognize an error: identify the error, notify stakeholder who can assist.
b. Be willing to seek specific help: identify personal strengths and weaknesses, recognize when help is needed.
c. Engage others: develop strong employee involvement, show humility, and acknowledge other employees contribution.
d. Request feedback: seek counsel; engage people of influence to ensure a turnaround.
e. Remain open: do not alienate people whose support you may need in the future.
f. Focus in the
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Remain open: Jack lack of communication alienated the team members that would help him to successfully complete the IT project.

3. As a future healthcare leader, what lessons will you take away from the study of this case?

As a future healthcare leader, there are several lessons that I will take away from the study of this case. If I am assigned a project, I will evaluate if help is needed. In the event that help is needed, then I will consider the amount of people, expertise level, and resources I would need to successfully complete the project.
Furthermore, if there is an error during the process, I will make sure to identify the error and notify the CEO. By engaging the CEO and the other stakeholders, I will be provided with advice and resources to complete the project if needed.
Lastly, I will focus in working to resolve the error by engaging others to accomplish a common goal. I will acknowledge management and peers contributions.
The mistakes done by Jack Moore are an example of a leader who lost the ethical ground. He didn’t make the ethical principles, mission and vision of the organization his priority; instead he put his personal interest to be first and lost the company trust in his

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