Future Hendrix Biography

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Future Nayvadius Cash, aka Future Hendrix, aka Astronaut Kid, aka Nayvadius Wilburn, aka Meathead (LOL) and aka Super Future is a remarkable and talented young artist (he raps and sings). A native of Atlanta, GA, Future was born on November the 20th in 1983. Since the release of “Tony Montana,” Future has done nothing but dominate the airwaves, concert venues, music charts and the audience 's hearts. He has certainly won mine. I get you, Future... I get you! You can 't go anywhere in the world and not know of this dynamic force as he delivers “universal hits.” However, the south has insurmountable respect and love for Future Hendrix. About seven years ago, Future hooked up with his cousin, Rico Wade and started his own movement. Wade is as phenomenal producer and is partly responsible for TLC 's, OutKast 's and the Goodie Mob 's success. Wade was one of the primary influences who advised Future Hendrix in terms of his chosen career path. By 2011, Future had signed a deal with L.A. Reid and Epic Records and Rocko of Freebandz Entertainment (F.B.G.).…show more content…
With his signature sound, lyrics that stick in your head, the record deal AND connections with the Dungeon Family, Future had promise of a rocketing career. Early on, Future developed a love for playing with words after reading Shakespeare. He found the idea fascinating and defined his own style of writing and expression. “As much as he was allured by the streets, Future, as an adolescent was also attracted to school. “Words always intrigued me,” Future explained. “When I went to school, I would read Shakespeare and just fell in love with how he mixed his words. I started playing around and writing poems, reading poems… then I started listening to Too Short… I learned all his
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