Future In Don Bailey's A Few Notes For Orpheus

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The concept of future can be imperceptible. It is forged by our present and untouchable past of our life. Relationships can be maintained if built on the foundation of strong undisputed past. Yet, if built upon the uncertainty of past they come crumbling down. Ignorance and selfishness starts to blossom in our veins. However, those relationships can still be resurrected on the shifting sands of uncertainty if we decide to reflect upon our mistake. Past can’t be altered, yet reflecting on it and making a difference in present can heal the uncertainties of past and provide a better future. Today I reflect on the text of Don Bailey called “A Few Notes for Orpheus” which tells the struggle between a father and a son, and how their uncertainties…show more content…
My father is a man of discipline and order. He likes to follow a routine and expect everyone to be the same. He likes to excel in every field he steps in. I was more of a creative personal who like to follow his dreams and explore the world, but I always kept it deep within myself. I was afraid what he will do if her become aware of what my ambitions are. In this fear, I always tried to do make him proud. I always took part in quizzes and debates, just to see a glimpse of smile on his face. “Very well, but could have done better” that was his words every time it tries to do something for him. I was uncertain will I ever be able to make him proud and receive that love that I always dream about. Nov 22nd 2010, it was Dad’s birthday we had very sophisticated dinner that night, but it suddenly changed. Dad called me in his room and asked me about a paper lying on his desk. It was my drawing that I did in graffiti class at school. My heart was beating fast. I could hear the thumping of it. “I never knew you did such good drawing.” It was drawing of a boy holding one hand with his family and bleeding from the other hand. At first I was confused of what he just said. I saw a drop of water dripping down his cheeks. It was not water, it was tears. I asked him “Did I do something wrong pa.” He replied “why are you becoming like me? Son I always wanted you to be different than what I am. I always wished that my son would become a different person. Today I can proudly say my son is walking in my dream shoes.” He then told me to go to sleep. Whole night I cried. I was not sad, but filled with joy that my father was proud of me. I think the uncertainty that was clouding my mind that my father would never be proud of me of who I am was finally fading away. He appreciates my passion and proud of whom I am. The bond between us became quite stronger than ever. Now every Tuesday we sit
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