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Future Internship What will I do when I get out of college? That is the big question for all of us here in college. Internships can be the first step into the job market and can help obtaining experience for a future career. Media production, my concentration, is still a very broad field and offers many options. For me to obtain an internship and possible career I need to have a more defined part of this major that I want to pursue. For me, film and television have always drawn me in. They can make you feel strong emotions for things you aren’t each involved in and deliver important messages in a way that compels people to feel a different way, start to change, or just affects their mode. I would like to work in an industry that is able to…show more content…
The Documentary Unit produced documentaries that “tell in-depth stories on current affairs and subjects that go beyond the predictable by utilizing strong production values combined with long-form storytelling” (“Summer 2018 CNN Intern”, 2018). They create documentaries, news pieces and web content. The interns at CNN Documentary department get to work on every part of television production from the initial idea pitch to the final editing. Interns shadow and help the staff. They are looking for interns that are passionate about news, multitaskers, positive attitude, and able to work in a fast-paced place. (“Summer 2018 CNN Intern”,…show more content…
I work better with a long-form project and like the way that Domunetary allows a detailed story to be presented. Some documentaries like Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine, Three Little Girls, Bowling for Columbine imparted me and got me interested in documentary films. They were able to capture my attention and get me to care about things that weren’t on my mind. They did this without a dramatic performance, they were just compelling stories told much differently than what is shown in the majority of tv programs and film. They show real-world experiences. An internship with CNN’s documentary unit would allow me to gain experience working on longer projects and tell more detailed stories then the regular news programs can offer. The small team environment would allow me to work more closely with the team then at other internships. Working from the pre-production phases to the post-production phase also appealed to me because it would give me the opportunity to see how all the phases of production are carried

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