Future Internship

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Future Internship What will I do when I get out of college? That is the big question for all of us here in college. Internships can be the first step into the job market and can help obtaining experience for a future career. Media production, my concentration, is still a very broad field and offers many options. For me to obtain an internship and possible career I need to have a more defined part of this major that I want to pursue. For me, film and television have always drawn me in. They can make you feel strong emotions for things you aren’t each involved in and deliver important messages in a way that compels people to feel a different way, start to change, or just affects their mode. I would like to work in an industry that is able to do that for people. News networks like CNN are one of the companies that are able to achieve this. CNN, the Cable News Network began in 1980 with one man with a crazy idea. Ted Turner became a manager of a branch of his father 's advertising company in 1960. He was very good a business and had doubled his office 's revenue after a year. When his father had bought a competitor to his company in 1962 the buyout was costly and put the company in financial uncertainty. His father who had bipolar disorder shot himself to death in 1963 leaving Ted to be the president and CEO of the company. Ted changed the company name to Tuner Communications and started buying radio stations. He later bought rights to old movies and situation comedies. That
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