Future Leaders In Nursing

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The development of future leaders is evident now more than ever. Within the next 8-13 years nearly a million nurses are expected to retire from the profession of nursing. Many of the nurses expected to seek retirement over the next several years hold leadership positions within healthcare organizations and academic settings (Morin, 2015). Who will fill these positions and how will we prepare the future leaders of the nursing profession? The development of effective nursing leaders is crucial to the continued success of the nursing profession.
Nursing leadership is a complex and multifaceted process of setting goals, encouraging others to perform, promoting others to attain mutually agreed upon goals, and motivating others to improve the
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The characteristics of a good leader include listening, acceptance, awareness, persuasive, foresight, commitment to the growth of others, building of community, flexibility, charisma, communication skills, accountability, dedication, persistence, resilience, loyalty, compassion, collaborative, encouraging, integrity, emotional intelligence, and inspirational. Effective, successful leaders must always act with integrity, set clear objectives and goals, openly communicate and provide feedback, encourage and inspire others, and recognize the successes of the team (Giltinane, 2013). Successful leadership is built upon nine principles: commitment to excellence; measurement of service, quality, people growth, and finance; promoting a culture of service; developing future leaders; employee satisfaction; accountability; development of behavioral standards that support the mission, vision, and goals of an organization; interdisciplinary communication; and recognizing success. Incorporating these principles into leadership practices is vital to successfully and effectively lead (Guyton,…show more content…
She is dedicated to the profession of nursing and the patient population she serves. Barbara is passionate about inspiring the growth and development of nurses and future nursing leaders. O’Brien embodies the qualities, characteristics, values, and spirit of highly motivated, knowledgeable, and successful leader.
Nursing leadership is a complex process that goes far beyond a management or executive level position. The essence of nursing leadership is to inspire, motivate, and facilitate continued growth and development of nurses individually and as an entire profession to invest in a consistent focus on improving the care provided to patients. The success of improving patient outcomes is accomplished through vision of the future and inspiring others to be their best and reach their
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