Future Nurse Leadership Analysis

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Innovative role of the future nurse leader in improving patient care and sustaining healthy work environment. Introduction: McCarthy (2014) defines leadership as the propensity of achieving extraordinary results of an organization through ordinary people. Similarly, Charlton (2000) states that a good leadership is credible of changing an ordinary person to contribute extraordinary accomplishment during difficulties, making positive change and consistently working toward long-term common goals of an organization. However, Buhler (2006) defines leadership slightly different, which says leadership is commonly described as the art and science of influencing a group toward the achievement of goals. According to the American Association of College…show more content…
Whilst, a manager devotes to control and manage the human and material resources by applying leadership skills to accomplish the organizational goals. Hence, understanding the existing works of literature; a nurse leader and a manager work in coordination toward a common goal although, their position within the health care hierarchy is different. According to AANAC (2014) there are five major leadership styles namely, democratic, autocratic, transformational, servant and lassies-fair leadership. No leadership style can be said the best suit to be employed because it depends on the circumstances and the nature of the organization (Burn 2003). However, the author argues that an ideal style that a nurse leader can use is the transformational leadership style which is characterized by building the inter-professional relationship, motivating and encouraging the staff in decision making, being confidence in action and sharing the visions and missions (AANAC…show more content…
The role of clinical nurse leader actualized by AACN focused on improving the healthcare environment and patient care outcome. The bigger concept of introducing new educational program was to develop leadership qualities in nurses (Wilson et al). In addition, nurse leaders advocate the organization and the staffs since since they are well educated with advanced modern

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