Future Nursing Career Research Paper

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As a future nurse major, I feel committed to engage in activities that deal with serving others. My lifetime goal consists of becoming a registered nurse, and later on a certified nurse anesthetist. My high expectation of a career is based on the association I've had with a disease hardship in my family. Consequently, my highest reward would be to soothe the literal pain of a human being. There is no other topic that lifts my spirits than the one of my plans for the future. Attending college is an imperative choice for me, and securing a career in the medical field is my essential plan. Currently, as a high school student I have been exposed to leadership encounters as well as an excessive amount of responsibilities in academics. From taking Advanced Placement…show more content…
I would take advantage of any spare time to fulfill my desire of reading and working on projects for personal necessities-like the hand device I tried to make to help my older brother make use of his hands. Furthermore, in my extracurricular activities I was able to get involved in engineering and communication related programs. Going to leadership camps, competing in robotics competitions, researching the world of engineering, start a drive for donations, grant my time to tutor others, involvement in church activities and attending dual credit classes are some of the activities that I would do. Thanks to this subjection of practice, topics of petroleum, biology and psychology are of my familiarity. Some of the future occupations that I would consider would be to volunteer at hospitals, and enroll for biology classes in the summer at a community college to gain more insight on body systems. To me, these experiences have shaped my life in order to become the successful nurse I plan to be. One of the essential qualities a nurse is known for are her organization, communication skills and knowledge; my involvement has allowed me to gain these qualities and to focus on the important aspect of nursing-

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