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When you are looking for a potential partner you often look at their personality traits that they have and how similar they are to you as well. You want someone who is going to work well with you and your personality and someone who is going to be compatible with you. This compatibility is very important in a relationship because the more sense of compatibility you have the more comfort you have with that person. Complementarity is a cause of attraction (Pines, 2005). Hoffman has 12 personality characteristics of compatibility that a person can rank high or low on. These characteristics are; need for companionship, idealism, emotional intensity, spontaneity, libido, nurturance, materialism, extroversion, aesthetics, activity level, subjective well-being, and intellectualism. After going through these 12 personality characteristics of compatibility, I have ranked the three most important characteristics and my three least important. My three most important characteristics are extroversion, intellectualism, and libido. When…show more content…
It is only three weeks into the class and I have already been analyzing past relationships and looking for those top three characteristics in my future partner. In my future relationships I think that I will think more about what I really want in someone and getting to know them better before dating them. I think that as time goes on my characteristics will change as I get older and my needs change as well. For example when I am in my 60’s or 70’s libido probably will not be as important as it is right now. Events could take place in my life that change my mind or I could date a future partner who has the top three characteristics that I want; yet the relationship goes really wrong. I know that I want to marry someone who is very compatible with me and knowing what I want in a person is going to help me find that person I want to marry in the

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