Future Registered Nurse Essay

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I have unknowingly evolved into the nursing student and future registered nurse I want to become through my lived experiences; the interactions between patients and their family members, the nurses that I have worked hand in hand with, and the education I have received from my teachers, have individually helped me build my own personal set of values and beliefs to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to diverse populations with dedication and passion. To help patients meet their goals to bathe, eat, dress and be turned-what many take for granted- is emotionally rewarding and I am honored to have helped all of the patients I have helped the past three years as a hospital volunteer, clinical assistant, and a student nurse advancing in my career with a goal in becoming a registered nurse.…show more content…
When a patient presents with a self-care deficient, nurses are in a unique position to be of an instrument of healing to meet the physical needs of the patient. Nurses become the functioning arms and legs of a quadriplegic, the voice of someone who cannot talk, and the eyesight and ears of the blind and hard of hearing. In conjunction to meeting the physical needs of the patient, the nurse also contributes to meeting the emotional and social needs of the patient, which is just as important.
In order to care for the emotional and social needs of the patients, it is essential to treat every patient with kindness and respect, aside from their age, gender, cultural beliefs, sexual orientation and ethnic background. In doing so, the patient will have trust in you and a therapeutic relationship is formed. Meeting these needs through the established nurse-patient relationship allows for greater patient outcomes (DellaRata & LaSala,
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