Film Review: Life After Louise

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future. After Louise gestured him inside the house they start dancing and putting their arms around each other. The scene from the present is shown again in which Louise touches Ian head gently and hugs him (Figure 32). A match cut shows the same situation in the future (Figure 33). Ian and Louise are not only physically but emotionally close. In the future scene he asks her “You wanna make a baby?”. Before we hear Louise’s answer we see different moments from Hannah’s life. This is a kind of visual answer; Louise sees all that moments from her daughter’s life and she is looking forward to it. Although she knows what fate awaits her she is happy about Ian’s question. Thus she joyfully says “Yes”. The last few minutes of the film connect the…show more content…
One example is seen when Louise and her crew driving towards the aliens’ ship in order to enter it. First we see how they don radiation suit. This is followed by a shot showing how they drive towards the ship. While they drive we see a close-up of Louise heavily breathing. Afterwards a POV cut shows the space ship from an extreme low angle. The crew reaches the entrance and enters the ship. This takes some time; the characters slowly approach the entrance by using an aerial work platform. The pace is still slow when they are about to enter the tunnel. It takes two and a half minute until every character has entered it. Louise hesitates but is then grabbed by Colonel Weber who jumps together whit her into the tunnel. When Ian enters the tunnel he stumbles and falls down. Subsequently the characters walk slowly through the tunnel until they reach a radiating wall. Those elements decreasing the pace even more. All this happens in order to create suspense. The audience has witnessed a slowly developing sequence, and is now able to see the extraterrestrial life forms. Finally the aliens appear and Colonel Weber requests Louise to interact with them by saying “Dr. Banks. You can start.” When this sequence’s climax – Louise’s interaction with the aliens – is about to start a sudden cut to the camp’s decontamination chamber is shown. This cut creates a huge contrast between the previous scene and the current one.
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