Future Serial Killer Behavior Essay

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Predicting Future Serial Murderer Behaviors
Trevor Skinner
East Carolina University Introduction Serial killing, serial murder, serial homicide, there are many names that can be thrown around for the act of killing multiple victims. While many know the names not as many know the actual definition of serial killing, or serial murder. There has been much difficulty with having a universal way to define serial killing, while it has been attempted, researchers and members of law enforcement have not been able to come up with one widely used and accepted definition for serial killing (Samuel Adjorlolo, 2014). In (Miller, Serial Killers: I. Subtypes, Patterns, and Motives, 2014), Miller defines serial murder using the FBI’s definition, he states “serial murderers are those who, either alone or with an accomplice, kill at least three people over a period of time, with “cooling-off” periods between the murders, indicating premeditation of each killing.”
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Not all serial murderers kill for the same reason or in the same way, a lot of them leave behind a “signature” which is something that a killer leaves at a crime scene, or does to a person, that signals that this is them who committed the crime, and often is done to play out a fantasy that the killer has. Along with the special “signature,” not all killers kill for the same reasons, there are types and labels for different types of serial killers, such as: psychopathic sexual sadists, crime spree killers, mission serial killer, and many more (Miller, Serial Killers: I. Subtypes, Patterns, and Motives,
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