Future Teacher Reflection

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As a future teacher I have been exposed to a wide variety of theories that have broadened my knowledge regarding the teaching and learning of a foreign language. The teaching practices helped me to put theory into practice and reflect of my performance in front of the class. The aim of this work is to present some situations that occurred during these encounters with kindergarteners. The teaching practices at kindergarten were delivered two weeks before the end of the school year without having met the group in advance. It has been proved that teachers who observe other colleague’s lessons become more professional and dedicated instructors due to the advantages they may bring in teacher’s development. The outstanding importance of classroom…show more content…
A the moment to decide the contents to be taught, for instance, I had read many books related to kinder but I had run out of time so my peers’ experience helped me to decide which contents bear in mind. Moreover, I found that creating my own material was the best option and it was what I enjoyed the most despite the fact that it is time consuming. Having analysed my performance in this level, I now feel I enjoyed the experience of delivering lessons to little children. However, I would have liked to spend more time with them so as to gain more…show more content…
Now, after having read some current theories about procedures in kindergartens, I have significantly developed my knowledge of how children were deeply rooted in their daily routine and they were not ready to change their way of working. This understanding is essential to me as a practitioner because I have realized that adults should see the world through children’s eyes. By helping them to explore the world around them without limiting their possibilities and allowing ourselves to reconsider the perks of daily work is a good way to succeed in delivering interesting lessons. Taking everything into account, I have realized the importance of being a reflective practitioner since reflection on our actions has nurtured the idea of becoming not only in a teacher of the English language but also in a professional instructor. This piece would help me to look at the future with an understanding of the intricate patterns in the teaching

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