Future Trends In Nursing

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Future Trends in Nursing Practice
Nursing practice experiences constant changes due to the implementation of new trends related mainly to the demographic shifts, medical research, and technological advancements. Being the closest to patients’ caregivers, nurses are considered as major contributors to healthcare organizations. Nurses are obliged to have an evidence-based understanding of the significant influence that can be made through health promotion interventions and deliver this understanding to the community at large (Sanjiv, 2014). What are the most recent trends in the modern healthcare system; and what influence do they have on nursing?
Nursing Roles: Due to the expanding opportunities within nursing, there is the need for collaborative
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Thus, those who are intending to enter the nursing profession should be prepared to use remote monitoring devices, electronic health record systems or high-tech simulators which will be widely used in hospitals. Each facility can possess different types of technology, so nurses should be ready to master the new systems or equipment. Furthermore, text apps can enable electronic communication within the facility so that nurses can respond more efficiently to the patient needs. With the increase of electronic medical records, hospitals keep track of patient information digitally. Such innovative methods are developed to improve the work routine for nurses, enhance the hospital team collaboration and access to the patient personal information. In this way, technology advancements are one of the most crucial trends nurses can already apply in their healthcare…show more content…
According to the results of the recent recession, the nurses older than 50 years of age had to reenter the healthcare workforce to mentor younger nurses (Cherry & Jacob, 2008). Currently, there is already a nursing shortage observed within the healthcare sector and this tendency starts increasing, so the policymakers need to take some measures to adjust the medical facilities to this coming trend. For now, nursing students should learn to be more responsible and initiative to master essential core competencies. The results of the study conducted by the research university in Sweden determines that the group supervision is one of the most successful methods to monitor student professional growth, as well as management and student personal development (Cherry & Jacob, 2008). However, there are new methods promoting more effective and closer to practice learning methods for nursing. Even though, medical staff is aging and retiring, but there are still a number of prospective qualified replacements severely limited. Some medical facilities expand enrollments by means of part-timers, university clinical faculty and by increasing popularity of online courses and simulations ("American Association of Colleges of Nursing | New AACN Data Confirm Enrollment Surge in Schools of Nursing", 2016).

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