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Two following types of inventions that I will use as a future writer include, brainstorming and freewriting. Brainstorming is producing ways with a group of people or by yourself of generating new ideas around the same type or area of interest. To do brainstorming you can either do it by yourself, or if with other partners to bounce ideas off each other which bring up new different ideas others can use. To help write out a brainstorm you can either write down different ideas as they come to the mind, or start with an objective and set a timer, and with that set up a flip chart, or a tree diagram. I will use brainstorming by helping me generate new ideas as a writer that will help me on essays or other things in the future, which in the end will make me an overall better writing. The second invention I find helpful as a future writer is; freewriting. Free writing is a pre-writing technique with a set…show more content…
I am very good at making sure my writing is precise when coming to commas, explanation points, periods, etc. My word selection is also strong, in which I use stronger words to make the sentences sound good, and overall the paper more well rounded. My weaknesses as a writer is sometimes being able to explain my points that make sense to others, or sometimes connecting different points together to make one topic. I believe my writing has improved in the last quarter in such ways as being able to use different types of inventions and different types of writing modes. Before being in Writing 115, I struggled with doing different kinds of modes and inventions, and I feel as if I have improved on these areas and has made me an overall well rounded writer. Two ways I would like to improve my writing over the next academic year would to be able to connect my ideas more together so that others can see my point by point thinking or being able to come up and start with stronger start to each of my
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