Fuzzy Logic: The Importance Of Fuzzy Logic

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Introduction Fuzzy logic is an old concept that was first introduced by Lotfi Zadeh in 1965. Fuzzy logic kept on developing until the year 1987 to this day this period is known as Fuzzy Boom period, and it will probably keep on evolving. People continually change their perception about the world. Therefore, ambiguity and uncertainty must exist in almost every real life problem, and fuzzy logic can deal with this uncertainty because "fuzzy logic starts with and builds on a set of user-supplied human language rules. The fuzzy systems convert these rules to their mathematical equivalents. This simplifies the job of the system designer and the computer, and results in much more accurate representations of the way systems behave in the real world." In the…show more content…
Thus, fuzzy logic introduced partial membership for elements. Let 's take an example to illustrate what does partial membership mean; a 100 ml glass contains 40 ml of juice according to classical set theory the glass is either empty or full. But in fuzzy logic set theory the glass may be 0.6 empty and 0.4 full. Human beings look at things with partial membership, when you are negotiating with someone a person you may see the other person right to a degree and wrong to another degree, and not simply "right" or "wrong". This is the beauty of fuzzy logic. "The importance of fuzzy logic derives from the fact that most modes of human reasoning and especially common sense reasoning are approximate in nature." Membership function µ ∈[0,1].Fuzzy logic has tons of applications, it is used in engineering, finance, telecommunication, technology and many other fields. In finance, forecasting involves high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, fuzzy logic is flexible and can achieve more accurate results when used. "Fuzzy time series is an application of fuzzy mathematics in the field of time series. In the case that data is incomplete and contains noise, using fuzzy theory to help forecast can generally

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