FW Taylor's Theory Of Management And Organizational Behavior

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Essay title: define what a theory is and describe FW taylor’s management theory, giving examples of organisations which have adopted scientific management methods. Why is it useful for a manager to understand scientific management?

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Conor Foley
21 October 2014.

In this essay I will discuss the definition of a theory, I will describe FW Taylor’s management theory, give examples of organisations which have adopted scientific management methods and why it is useful
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His theory was adopted by countries such as japan and france. The disadvantages of Taylors theory are the win-win situation between managers workers did not materialise the way Taylor would have wanted. Some people believed it enhanced the power of workers and undermined managers and Taylor also believed that money was more important than work and that it was the only way to motivate people. However, this is not the case and different people are motivated by different…show more content…
Today’s managers use time and motion studies to increase the productivity of their employees, they hire the best qualified employee for a specific job to get full advantage of his skills which will benefit the business and they design incentive systems based on productivity of employees. Managers must understand scientific management to get the most out of their employees and the ultimate productivity for the business. The use of scientific management in a business is so logical to the modern day person or manager that it is almost unheard of to not understand scientific management. If managers understand scientific management their employees will produce the most efficient product for the business which in turn will lead to maximum profits for both the business and the manager. By using scientific management managers will assign employees to jobs that will suit them best and will have the greatest level of productivity in which will lead so both the manager and employee will be happy so there will be a good atmosphere in the business. Assigning employees to jobs that suit them best will also increase their motivation. When using scientific management managers monitor the performance of their employees which will increase employees performance and the manager will also have greater involvement in the business. Scientific management also

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