Fyodor Dostoevsky's All Quiet On The Western Front

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Personal Reactions: I liked how Lev’s character was developed throughout the story. Lev’s main focus in the beginning of the book is to escape from his “kidnappers” and be tithed like his parents wanted, but he is so focused on obeying his parents that he doesn’t notice the people who he thinks kidnapped him are trying to save him from being unwound. As the story progresses it’s obvious Lev no longer feels the same way, this is shown on page 226 when Shusterman states, “Once he landed in the safe-house network, he quickly made it known that he was not a guy to be trifled with. He didn’t tell them he was a tithe. Instead, he told them his parents signed the order to have him unwound after he was arrested for armed robbery”. This shows that throughout the book Lev experiences hardships that change him as a character. By making himself look tougher than he is in reality, Lev is insuring people won’t mess with him so he can escape being unwound and disobey his parents.…show more content…
After Roland’s unwinding, clappers invade the harvest camp blowing up the chop shop and injuring many unwinds, leaving Connor in need of an arm transplant. Ironically the arm Connor gets paired with is Roland’s. Not only is this an emotional challenge for Connor because of all the harm Roland has done to Connor and his friends, but it is also a challenge for Connor’s relationship with Risa because she was once abused by the same arm that is now on Connor’s body. Luckily Risa was able to overlook who the arm once belonged too and still care for Connor as she shows on page 322 when she thinks, “Those fingers that threatened unspeakable things. How can they make her feels anything but revulsion? But when she looks at Connor, all that fades away. There’s only
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