Fyodor Dostoevsky's Hamlet: Chapter Summary

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The epilogue starts out by telling us what happen at the trial. All of the people who knew Raskolnikov said that the murders were out of character for him. Raskolnikov told the judge or magistrate a minute by the minute retelling of what happened. He told them about how he did not intend to kill Lizaveta. He talked about the fake pledge he made and where he hid the purse with the money he stole. Raskolnikov's sentence was determent by the fact that he did not spend what he stole, that he did not intend to kill Liz. More importantly the fact that he turned himself in among other thing leads to his sentence being more merciful then it may have been for other people. He was sent to a penal servitude in the second class for no more than eight years. Sonya went with Raskolnikov to Siberia and sent back updates to the people in St.Petersburg. We also learn that at the beginning of the trial Raskolnikov's mother feel ill. We also learn that Dunya and Razumikhin found a way the get the mother out of town so she would not find out about Raskolnikov. At the end of the first chapter of the epilogue we learn that Dunya and Razumikin got married with the blessing of…show more content…
Raskolnikov is content with the conditions of the prison he is in. The other prisoners do not care much or Raskolnikov, but they love Sonya. Raskolnikov is ill and in a fever-induced dream, he sees that everyone has gotten a virus that makes them think they are the only person who knows the truth. The people cannot get along and they destroy each other. Sonya comes to the prison often and sits outside so that R can see her out his window. One day she meets him outside and they sit together holding hands as they have before. Only this time it is different and R breaks down and cries in Sonya's lap as they both realize his love for Sonya. Later as R thinks of Sonya and pulls out the copies of the New Testament she gave him and he starts to
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