Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Man Who Would Be King

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In The Man Who Would Be King, the biggest gamble is that Peachey Carnehan and Daniel Dravot cheat those indigenous people that they are the sons of the god. Also, “‘I won’t make a Nation,’ says Daniel. ‘I’ll make an Empire! These men aren’t niggers; they’re English! ‘we shall be Emperors — Emperors of the Earth!” He makes his men think that he is not a laic. But, he tells them what number his poker card is. He loses his gamble. He wants to get married, and in those indigenous people’s mind, “The Bible says that Kings ain’t to waste their strength on women”. Therefore, they figure out that he is Neither god nor devil, but is a man. Thirdly, there is a point of support in each thing, and there is important point or time for each event. If this point stands up, everything will be successful. But, if this point breaks, everything is done. Under Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s writing, there are some bigs support points. Of course, the grandmother’s coming is the biggest turning point. Also, this point breaks each person has already made the plans. The General wants his wife; Mlle. Blanche wants the money; Frenchman wants his money back. So, her coming is actually attack their support power. At the same, the grandma loses herself. Basically, in this…show more content…
The first one is about bad social morality and problem social classification, but it’s .more focusing on Alexei Ivanovich’s life experience, includings his emotions experience and his gambling. The second one is talking about the chaos in India. This is an old saying, “Heroes emerge in troubled times,” these two men’s wants the adventures and have their dream to be the king. They would be the king successfully and continue to be the king, but they didn’t, just like the name of the book said. Two books have a lot similar points and are different, but they are worth to read at
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