G. Willow Wilson's Role In The Marvel Universe

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When you hear the word ‘superhero’, what is the first thing that you think of? Is it a man in spandex with large muscles and a mask or even an depressed vigilante with a violent streak yet a heart of gold? Thanks to the writer who created Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, the mainstream superhero has been tossed out of the window and into the past. First appearing in Marvel comics in 2013, the Pakistani-American Muslim teen became one of the most relatable hero we have to look up to. Although she was not the first Muslim character in the Marvel Universe, she was the first Muslim to be the main character of her own comic, in which her faith has a major role in her life, for example in her choices about wearing the hijab. This might have impact on Muslim-Americans and also others’ thoughts on Muslims. By giving a lead role to a Muslim, the writer G. Willow Wilson, might give those who are also Muslim hope in having more good representation and the representation that young Muslims will look up to as they grow into adults themselves. Also due to the amount of hatred towards Muslims around the globe it shows a more positive light as their religion is actually about instead of what media is spoon-feeding you. Wilson took a step that not everyone would have thought of and might have really impacted someone’s life.…show more content…
Marvel comics is that you should be proud of your individuality. When Kamala Khan firsts experiences her powers and morphs into her idol, she actually recoils. She did not want to be someone else, for she is very confident and proud of her own individuality. To tell the young readers of these comics that they should want to be themselves really can make a

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