Synopsis Of The Movie 'GATTACA'

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What if science told you everything about yourself? In the movie "GATTACA" scientists take some of your DNA when you are born, to see when you die, and what you die from. GATTACA is a movie about extended science and your
DNA holding you back. In the movie your dreams do not matter. Its all about your
DNA and what your DNA is up for. In the movie the way you pick your spouse is by taking a hair of the person you pick and turning the hair into a place where they mark down the record of that persons DNA. In this movie DNA plays a huge roll on everyones life no matter what you do your DNA decides wether or not you are okay or in good health to do it.

Some advantages of living in the world of GATTACA are that you know when when you are going to die and people are keeping you safe when something involves your DNA. The advantage of knowing your own death is that people can be there with you to say goodbye and you know that they care for you and they always will. Usually you die when noone is around and nobody has time to say goodbye, but when you know your death you can have peole there to be with you while you go. The technology in GATTACA could probably tell you what your next move is.
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You would want your death to be something worth dying for and not something you already know is going to happen. In the movie people look at your DNA to see what job you can or cannot have, this is wrong because the job that you would want says that you cannot have that job because your DNA isnt eligible. People in the movie "GATTACA" tell what can or cannot do. They tell you something and do everything to make sure that they are okay and they have a job. The people in the movie don't care about dreams, as long as its your dreams that you care about. Dont let any one tell you what you can or cannot

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